Our board certified plastic surgeons specialize in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face, nose, and sinuses. We work closely with each patient to develop an individualized plan of treatment and are dedicated to helping our patients achieve a natural post-surgical look.

Facial plastic surgery makes it possible to correct many flaws and signs of premature aging. By changing how you look, cosmetic surgery can help change how you feel about yourself. Our physicians stress natural and subtle cosmetic procedures, which enhance rather than change one’s appearance. As with all elective surgery, good health and realistic expectations are a prerequisite.

For additional information about any of the following procedures, please feel free to ask your physician about your treatment options.


Rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery, nose reshaping, or a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure which reshapes the nose in order to create a more aesthetic facial appearance. Rhinoplasty may also help to improve nasal function.

The appearance of the nose can be changed in a variety of ways. The procedure can be performed to reshape, reduce or augment a person’s nose, remove a hump, narrow nostril width, change the angle between the nose and the mouth, or to correct injury, birth defects, or other problems that affect breathing. Results depend on the patient’s nasal bone and cartilage structure, facial shape, skin thickness and age (teenagers should have had their growth spurt). It can be reduced or increased in size, a hump can be removed, the nostrils can be narrowed, the tip or bridge of the nose can be reshaped, and the angle between the nose and upper lip can be changed. Altering the appearance of the nose can often help to achieve facial balance and enhance the other facial features. Good candidates for rhinoplasty include men and women over the age of sixteen who are healthy and are looking to improve the appearance of the nose.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure which rebuilds and reshapes deformities of the nose that have resulted from a previous rhinoplasty surgery. It may also be referred to as secondary or tertiary rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty is a highly customized and individualized surgery. Good candidates include healthy men and women who are unhappy with the current appearance of their nose following a previous rhinoplasty surgery and are seeking an improvement.