For patients who desire a younger appearance of the mid-face and brow without undergoing a facelift or brow lift, a new minimally invasive procedure is available.

FDA-approved Contour Threads™ are thin, flexible sutures that are threaded underneath the skin from the ear to the hairline to rejuvenate sagging foreheads, eyebrows and cheeks. When the threads are pulled gently, tiny barbs lift the sagging tissue into a subtly higher, more youthful position that reflects the patient’s natural facial contours. The sutures are left in place to maintain the effects, which are further enhanced and supported over time as the body produces natural collagen and elastin fibers around the threads. The entire procedure takes about an hour under local anesthesia.

Contour Threads™ are colorless, so they can’t be seen even in patients with pale or thin skin. They are made of polypropylene, a material used in dissolveable stitches. The threads can be removed later on for patients who choose to have a facelift or brow lift or who wish to reverse the procedure.