Getting used to a hearing aid takes time. Wearing hearing aids can be overwhelming at first, but wearing them regularly will help you adjust to them. If you slowly lost your hearing over many years, there will be many soft sounds that you haven’t heard in a while and simply forgot about. Simply placing hearing aids in your ears will not by itself solve hearing loss; it takes commitment and patience to fully adjust to your new capabilities and become accustomed to amplified sound.

If listening with your hearing aid is uncomfortable in certain situations, if certain noises are painful, or even if something simply doesn’t sound right, talk to your audiologist. Your audiologist will either adjust your hearing aid for you, or show you how to do it yourself to give you the most comfortable and natural hearing experience possible. Become familiar with your hearing aid’s features. With your audiologist present, practice putting in and taking out the aid, cleaning it, identifying right and left aids, and replacing the batteries. Ask how to test it in listening environments where you have problems with hearing. Learn to adjust the aid’s volume and to program it for sounds that are too loud or too soft. Work with your audiologist until you are comfortable and satisfied.

If you or someone you know shows signs of hearing loss, seek professional help from our physicians and audiologists so that you or they can enjoy life to the fullest with better hearing. Call us today for an appointment!