ENT Services

Ear, nose and throat issues can affect infants, children and adults. Ear infections, acute sinusitis, balance disorders or allergies may cause serious damage if left untreated. The highly trained otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat specialists) at ENT Physicians, Inc. are skilled in treating many conditions. With more than 35 years of service to patients in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, our board-certified physicians deliver expert personal care.

Dizziness & Balance

The doctors at ENT Physicians, Inc. specialize in the treatment of inner ear conditions. While some balance issues or dizziness may occur due to medication side effects, neurological problems or high blood pressure, often symptoms relate to the vestibular system and inner ear disturbances. Our skilled staff works with people of all ages to treat these disorders.


Chronic sinusitis is painful and impacts your quality of life. Our ENT doctors use a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty to treat chronic sinusitis. A small balloon is inserted to inflate blocked nasal passages and restore drainage. We perform the procedure under local anesthesia.


Our skilled specialists offer expert diagnostic evaluation for pediatric ENT issues including ear infections, sore throats, tonsillitis, allergies and sinus problems.


Allergy symptoms include sneezing, nasal congestion, itching and sore throat. Ear allergies can occur when these symptoms affect the eustachian tube. The specialists at ENT Physicians, Inc. provide allergy treatments including injection immunotherapy (allergy shots) and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). SLIT uses an oral vaccine rather than a shot. Both treatments offer long-lasting relief.

We can help with allergies, asthma, hay fever and rhinitis with a complete allergy evaluation by our trusted specialists.


Snoring may seem harmless but it often signals a problem. At ENT Physicians, Inc., non-surgical treatment includes CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), a machine that uses air pressure to prevent the soft palate tissues from collapsing (and making noise). For heavier snoring, palatial implants, laser-assisted uvuloplasty or radiofrequency palatoplasty office procedures are performed to stiffen the soft palate. Extremely loud, heavy snoring may signal obstructive sleep apnea, a serious problem that can be life-threatening and almost always responds to treatment.


Apraxia of speech involves difficulty in producing speech through movements of the lips, tongue and vocal cords. In adults, it usually occurs from a stroke, head trauma or a brain tumor. Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) symptoms become apparent as the child learns to speak and the cause often is unknown. The child may have a reduced vocabulary or trouble learning to read.

Aphasia involves difficulty speaking, listening, reading and writing due to a stroke, brain injury or neurological disorder. The Speech-Language Pathologists at ENT Physicians, Inc. provide various tests to determine the best treatment.


Eustachian tube dysfunction is a condition that causes pressure, pain or muffled sensations in the ear. We use a special balloon system to open the tube and provide permanent relief.

ENT Physicians, Inc. also treats swimmer’s ear (otitis externa), an infection that occurs from water or foreign objects in the ear. Our providers can also remove ear wax buildup.