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Read another review from Marie R. on her Facebook page:

"I can not thank this doctor enough for diagnosing, treating and curing my problem. I know that God is the healer and HE gives our doctors the skills and knowledge to help us. I had a hoarse voice from Oct - Jan thinking it was a sinus infection/virus or allergies. My PCP after trying two rounds of antibiotics decided it was time for me to go to an ENT. For fear of what I might learn I put off scheduling the appointment until after the holidays. After talking with a friend she recommended Dr. Toma. I finally made the call and scheduled the appt. He found a polyp on my vocal cord and decided to treat my acid reflux instead of surgery because taking my background history into account he told me there was really no reason to think it would be cancerous. Just hearing the "C" word put my stomach into spasms. I began praying for healing knowing God heals all. I am sharing this with ya'll because first don't put off seeing your doctor if something lasts more than a week or two. My primary care physician said after 7-10 days if something has not improved see a doctor. Secondly, don't put off going to a specialist for fear of what you might learn. Follow all your doctor's instructions and take all your medications as prescribed. Be sure to follow up with the recheck. I cancelled my recheck appointment for fear of the what if it's bad news, since our family was going through a death of a friend/family member at the time I didn't want any more bad news to deal with. Don't let fear keep you from following up. Today is the first day I have woken up with no longer having the "what if" weighing heavy on my mind. I trusted in God's healing hands knowing that what ever I may have to face HE would be there for me. I could tell my voice was back to normal yet any time it so much as cracked my fears returned. Don't let fear stop you causing you more anxiety than necessary. If you have any allergies, ears, nose, throat or hearing problems I highly recommend Dr. Toma. He is skillful, knowledged, caring, gentle and is in tune to all your doubts and fears. He took the time to answer every one of my questions and reassured me he does not ever jump to surgery before other options when a patient's history gives him no cause for concern. He enters the room with a smile and a hand shake and sits down and asks questions before taking his time to examine you. When he does the scope he has a gentle voice reassuring you every step of the way what you will feel. For someone like me who tends to let my fears overtake me I can tell you he is the best! I "graduated" yesterday as they called it since I no longer have the polyp. But he reassured me if there is ever any future problems which he does not expect, just give him a call. When I walked out of his office and told Joe the polyp is gone we both held hands raised them to the clouds and said, "Thank you Lord!" I told Joe I prayed endlessly for healing and he looked at me and said, "I was praying for you too." Gosh how I love this guy. For all of you who put your prayer request on FB please know I see them and am praying for you as well. God is good, God is great all the time!"