Tonsil surgery, also known as a tonsillectomy, is one of the most common forms of surgery around. Ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists are well-versed in performing tonsil surgery, but the procedure is usually associated with children because they are most impacted by tonsil problems.

Research shows that having your tonsils removed as an adult can help you cure frequent sore throats and inflammation that could cause problems in your everyday life. But how do you know if you need a tonsillectomy? In this article, we’ll be showing you three signs that you need to have tonsil surgery.

1. You get tonsillitis fairly often

Throat infections can be caused by a number of different bacteria and viruses, and one of the most common conditions is tonsillitis. Your tonsils are often used to combat viruses in your body because they produce white blood cells to help defend you. Sadly, they’re also susceptible to infection and can cause sore throats, difficulty swallowing and even headaches. If you frequently get tonsillitis, then it may be time to remove your tonsil to prevent them from constantly becoming infected. If you frequently get strep throat, then you may also suffer from similar conditions, and removing your tonsils can be beneficial.

2. You frequently snore or are at risk of sleep apnea

When your ENT diagnoses you, they’ll likely be able to determine if you have a snoring problem or, even worse, sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes your body to frequently stop breathing throughout the night when you sleep. This means that your body (and most importantly, your brain) doesn’t get enough oxygen. Tonsillitis is frequently linked to sleep apnea, and it’s important that you speak to your ENT specialist to help you diagnose the problem. Untreated sleep apnea can be incredibly dangerous, hence why removing your tonsils should be an urgent matter in this case.

3. You have breathing problems due to enlarged tonsils

Lastly, having enlarged tonsils is another reason to remove them. Enlarged tonsils are usually a problem that children face, but if you have difficulty breathing or swallowing, then it might be time to remove your tonsils. Enlarged tonsils can also cause sleep apnea if they grow too large. Before it gets bad enough to cause difficulty breathing, it’s wise to speak to an ENT and ask them to help you diagnose the problem. They’ll likely suggest that you remove your tonsils if they see that they have become enlarged and are big enough to obstruct your breathing.

If you’re unsure even after reading this article, make sure you contact your ENT specialist and ask them to diagnose you. The clearer the issue, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to solve your underlying health issues and become a much healthier version of yourself.