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Finding the Right Audiologist

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Are you having issues with your hearing, but aren’t sure who you should see for evaluation and treatment? An audiologist can support you and provide you with the treatment or management system that you need. These professionals are familiar with the many causes of hearing loss and can ensure you get the right treatment for your specific needs. Audiologists are experts and can both diagnose and treat hearing issues on a highly personal level.

But before you even think about getting treatment, you need to look into finding the right audiologist for you. Finding an audiologist is a lot like finding a primary care physician. They need to be someone who you can trust and who you have faith in to always put your needs first. So, let’s look at some of the factors that should be considered here.


Do think about the location of your audiologist. It’s important to remember that you will likely need to book regular appointments with your audiologist, depending on the extent of your hearing issues. If you get treatment like hearing aids, you will need to go back to your audiologist for repairs and adjustments. So, you don’t want to be traveling hours away all the time. The good news is that there are often plenty of audiologists around locally that you can use and rely on. You’ll probably find there is one that is no more than a few miles from where you live. However, there are other issues that you need to consider rather than just focusing on accessibility.


Do make sure that you check out reviews of an audiologist online before you start making an appointment. It might be worth exploring what type of experience other people with hearing loss have had with them. Some audiologists are very compassionate, caring and understanding. Others take a strictly business approach where they provide a service as quickly and indeed efficiently as possible. Different people will obviously either find this a bonus or a negative and you’ll need to decide what type of audiologist you want looking after your needs.

Reviews will often provide other useful pieces of information such as whether they are typically on time with appointments. If you are taking an appointment during work hours or even taking your child out of school, you do want to make sure that they are as punctual as possible. Reviews online will tell you whether this is the case.

Office hours

You might also want to check out the office hours that your audiologist is providing. When are they available through the week? Those with busy work schedules will likely want to find an audiologist that works and offers appointments outside the confinements of a nine to five day. You might want to make sure that you can book an appointment before work, after work or even at the weekend. Some audiologists will be open and will allow you to book appointments at this time. That means that you’ll be able to get the treatment you need around your schedule which can be very important. Audiologists will typically advertise their work schedule on their website and you may even be able to book an appointment here as well. As such, it’s always worth checking this out.

Experience and expertise

Audiologists can be used to treat or deal with typical hearing problems related to old age. However, you could be suffering from something quite different such as a hearing difficulty related to a condition like tinnitus. If that’s the case, then you should make sure that the audiologist that you choose has experience and expertise in this area. This will once again usually be advertised clearly on their site to make sure that you can get the treatment or support you need. If you’re not sure whether an audiologist specializes in your particular hearing issue, it will never hurt to ask and enquire.

What hearing aids are available?

Finally, do be aware that certain audiologists will not be able to provide all the brands and models of hearing aids. As such, you may want to consider this if you have your heart set on investing in a new piece of tech. You don’t want to be in a position where you have to get treatment from one expert and equipment from a completely different service. This can be incredibly costly and time consuming. Do make sure that your audiologist can provide the tech you want.

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