By increasing the life of your hearing aids, you will be able to save time and money. There are few tricks you can try to help extend battery life and keep your hearing aids in good working condition for much longer. Hearing aids use a special kind of battery which needs to be properly stored and maintained. There are several advantages to doing this.

Hearing aids themselves can be sensitive to moisture and corrosion over time, so your audiologist will no doubt recommend you some ways to store them safely. With advances in technology, hearing aids are very delicate and innovative pieces of machinery, so you want to do your best to protect them. Here are some examples of ways to increase the life of a hearing aid. 

Invest in some new batteries

As with many types of batteries, hearing aid batteries lose power slightly the longer they stay in the packaging. Hearing aids might have batteries with an expiration date far in the future, but a newer pack will always have the most power. They can decrease in power over time, so if you’re looking to increase the life of your hearing aid, invest in some new batteries.

Only remove the tab if you’re ready to use them

Hearing aids require a specific type of battery which is known as a zinc-air battery. One of its main characteristics is small holes covered by a tab. To start the battery, you need to remove this tab to allow air to enter these holes. This activates the zinc. You aren’t able to reattach the tab after you remove it, and it straight away starts releasing power. This means it’s paramount not to remove the tab until you’re ready to use the batteries.

Wait a few minutes to insert the battery

Zinc-air batteries need a few minutes to allow the air to circulate properly and activate the zinc. If you wait roughly five to seven minutes, you might even be able to increase the hearing aid’s battery life for a few more days. Instead of inserting the battery immediately, wait a little. This is a rule for most types of hearing aids and helps boost their lifespan.

Store batteries at room temperature

Hearing aid batteries should be stored in a cool dry place. Find somewhere you can maintain them at room temperature and keep them away from condensation. Moisture could potentially damage them, and they shouldn’t be allowed to get too hot or cold. If the batteries get in contact with too much moisture this could cause corrosion and they might not last as long. 

Open the hearing aid battery door when not in use

Hearing aids have a battery door which can be opened. As long as you make sure you store your hearing aid somewhere dry and safe, it’s better to leave the battery door open when it’s not in use. By switching it off and opening the battery door, you’ll be able to reduce drain and prevent any further corrosion. Always ensure you keep your hearing aids in a secure place where they won’t get affected by the elements.

Consider a hearing aid dehumidifier

An audiologist might recommend a dehumidifier to increase the life of your hearing aid. This way you’ll always have somewhere safe to keep it where it’s protected from any potential moisture. You can store your hearings aids in a dehumidifier, this will keep it secure and you won’t have to worry about any corrosion caused by humidity. 

Remove the batteries when not in use

This is worthwhile if you’re not going to use your hearing aids for a longer period. Remove the batteries in order to reduce the risk of any trapped moisture causing corrosion. This will help protect your battery for longer and increase the life of your hearing aid. 

Take care when changing the batteries in your hearing aids

Hearing aids are delicate and it’s important to take care whenever you handle them. Ensure your hands are clean when changing the batteries as even the moisture from your hands could be harmful. Keep them clean and always wash your hands before you replace the batteries. 

If you’re wondering about what more you can do to increase the life of your hearing aids, speaking to an audiologist. They will give you more tips and advice on how to care for your hearing aids. If you would like to learn more about hearing aids, contact ENT Physicians Inc. today at (419) 318-4987.