Fitness trackers, smartwatches and our smartphones are all examples of technology, wearable technology, that we have use of in our everyday lives. Did you know that you can add smartphone hearing aids to the list too? Big hearing aid manufacturers have recently worked with smartphone makers, such as Apple and Android, in order to create technology that means you can connect your hearing aids wirelessly using your smartphone.

This new technology means that there are a whole lot more opportunities for hearing aid wearers. By having these new functions and capabilities for hearing aids, it will make the lives of those with hearing loss much easier, as well as much more convenient. This helps to give the user much more control over their overall hearing experience. If you want to know how smartphone hearing aids can make your life much simpler and more convenient, then here are some of the things that you can look forward to doing with this amazing new technology.

Stream Audio Directly to Your Ears

If you want to get directions from your map’s app on your phone or other audio, then you can get it streamed straight to your hearing aids. By using smartphone hearing aids you can get audio, whether that is music, phone calls or other audio, right to your hearing aids. Without having to use something like headphones, this is a great addition for people experiencing hearing loss.

Control the Settings from Your Phone

With smartphone hearing aids, you will be able to connect in a wire-free way to apps on your phone. The app on the phone means that you can adjust and control the settings, all done in a simple, easy and discreet way. To outsiders, it will just look like you’re on your phone scrolling on Instagram, not adjusting your hearing aid settings, helping you to control your hearing in a very subtle way; you don’t even need to touch your hearing aids to adjust them. All in all, you will be able to have more flexibility with your experience of hearing, and control aspects like volume, bass and programs.

Find Misplaced Hearing Aids Easily

Hearing aids are quite small, so as a result, they can be quite simple and easy to misplace. One of the amazing benefits of smartphone hearing aids is that you will be able to use them through the app on your phone, using GPS tracking technology. Through this, you can track the whereabouts of your hearing aids, knowing where they are at all times.

This will save you time from having to search for them around the house, as well as mean that you don’t have to get regular replacements. You can even use a feature that shows if you are hot or cold when looking for them, so you’ll always be heading in the right direction. This will save so much time and reduce the hassle of misplacing hearing aids.

Have a remote microphone in your pocket

Some hearing aid users need to invest in some extra accessories, such as getting a remote microphone in order to improve the hearing aid’s capability. However, with a smartphone hearing aid, you will be able to use your phone as a microphone. If you are somewhere that is noisy, such as a crowded bar or restaurant, then by having your phone closer to you, you will be able to amplify the voice of the person that you are with, right to your hearing aids in your ear.

Easily Add Location Settings to Your Favorite Places

Wearing hearing aids can be great and improve your hearing in many ways. However, there are some places and situations where the settings need to be adjusted. As we know, with smartphone hearing aids you can adjust the settings easily on your phone. But another great feature is that you can keep settings for specific locations, such as work, home or a favorite restaurant. With your phone and the GPS tracking, as soon as you’re in the location, it will adjust the hearing aid settings for you, making it much less hassle and a lot less fuss.

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