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If you’ve never been to an audiology appointment before, you may be feeling a little nervous or apprehensive. When you see an audiologist, they will do their best to help you relax and stay calm. There’s nothing to worry about, you won’t experience any pain, and hopefully, the appointment will have a positive outcome. If you’re not sure what to

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An ENT (otolaryngologist) is the doctor to see if you are having a problem with your ears. From swimmer’s ear to ringing in the ears and problems with balance, an ENT is your specialist in all things ears. ENT training In addition to graduating medical school and performing a general internship, an ENT must also undergo an additional five years

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If you are having problems with your ears and hearing, how do you know what type of doctor you should see? Hearing health professionals (HHPs) deal specifically with hearing loss. Otolaryngologists (ENTs) treat diseases and conditions of the ears, nose and throat. Both professionals are concerned about your ears and hearing, so how do you know who you should see?

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